Hi, I’m Dan and I’m a grad student in the US. I’m currently pursuing a Masters degree in Computer Information Technology at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I’m interested in InfoSec and participate in bug bounty programs in my spare time.


  • S3scanner - Scan for open S3 buckets and dump contents
  • press - Multi-threaded tool for resumable Wordpress bruteforcing


  • Programming/Web
    • Python, HTML5/CSS3, Java, JavaScript ES6, PHP, C#, Ruby on Rails,
  • Frameworks/Tools
    • Bootstrap, jQuery, Git, Gulp
  • Virtualization
    • Hyper-V, VMWare Workstation/Fusion, VMWare ESXi
  • Database / RDBMS
    • MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, SQL Server, database design
  • Operating Systems
    • FreeBSD, Windows 7/8/10/Server, MacOS, Ubuntu


Work Experience

  • Student Developer - Minnesota State University

    • Currently developing a live university bus-tracking app in JavaScript which will turn into a React Native app
  • QA Intern - FPX

    • Wrote tests for and reported bugs found in Java web application product
    • Used Selenium/JMeter daily and interpreted large unit test results
  • UX Lab Developer Intern - Minnesota State University

    • Assisted classes running usability and user experience tests with state-of-the-
    • Developed Windows Phone app in C# to be used campus-wide by students art testing technologies
  • Web Programming Intern - South Central College

    • Worked solo developing an onboarding app using PHP, MySQL, CSS, and JavaScript


  • Information Systems AAS Degree - South Central College - 2015
  • Networking Services AAS Degree - South Central College - 2014