Dan [the] Salmon

Electroneum - First Impressions

Dan Salmon

January 16 2018

A coworker recently sent me a link to Yet Another Cryptocurrency. Like most people, I’m pretty burnt out with all these new coins and ICO’s popping up each week. In fact, I get about 5-10 ICO spam emails in my Junk mail folder.

This one looked to be just a little different, though. He was excited because this one allows you to use your phone to mine. I talked to him about how it’s a neat idea, but ultimately probably won’t be profitable, especially compare to a multi-GPU setup.

Still, the idea of mobile mining was intriguing. Especially if you could negate the cost of power, since it would be 100% profit at that point.

So I started digging into this coin and here are my initial findings.


The first thing I did was download the app on an old Nexus 6P(?) I had in my parts box. Upon launch it prompts you to login to your Electroneum account. What? I can’t just give it a wallet address?

After looking at the website the answer is no: you have to create an online wallet on the my.electroneum.com website and login to the app with that. This sketched me out a bit since web wallets are inherintly less secure than an offline wallet.

I proceeded to the sign up page where I was greeted with some highly suspicous behavior….


When you click the “Sign Up” button, a Javascript alert box pops up. The only explanations I can come with are:

  1. Someone found a XSS vuln and left this here as a proof-of-concept
  2. A dev pushed straight to production

Either way this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

electroneum-alert Archive.org snapshot of the page

I tweeted at them asking if it was intentional. As of writing, I haven’t received a response but a day after I tweeted them the code was gone.

Other than that, the signup process is pretty standard save for the fact that they have a Captcha on every. single. page.


Like any coin I assumed I needed to create a wallet to hold my coins so I downloaded the “Offline Wallet Generator” which is curiously labeled as being compatible with only Chrome.

After unzipping the download, I found an HTML file. Wtf? Turns out the “Offline Wallet Generator” is just Javascript.


The rest of the process is to simply generate some entropy to create the wallet. At the end of the process you get a PDF file as a paper wallet.


Truly the strangest wallet-generation process I’ve gone through.


After finally completing the signup process, I logged into the app only to be greeted with this message:


There was a Google Form to signup for the mining beta that was open until January 12th.


I signed up and am waiting to hear back on it.

I wasn’t able to mine on a mobile device which was a bummer, so I grabbed an old netbook I had. After about 2 hours of searching and trying in vain, it seems there does not exist a CPU miner for Electroneum (or Monero for that matter) that works with the Intel Atom x86 platform running Ubuntu.

I plan to post a follow-up if and when I’m finally able to get mining working on my Android phones.

P.S. There’s also an easter egg on the site. If you look in the robots.txt file you’ll find there’s an /adminarea/ directory. If you go there and view the source, you’ll find a form that submits to a dontdoit.php. If you then visit this page, it just outputs your public IP address. Not sure what this is for, but may be worth poking around at.