Dan [the] Salmon


In order to support this site, some ads may be posted from time to time. These ads will take the form of simple referral links to services I use.

While I respect the use of ad-blockers (and run them myself on all my browsers), I kindly ask that users do not add my site to any blocklists. Any ads that appear on this website will adhere to the following set of rules:

  • The only products or services advertised are ones that I have personally tried
  • No link-shortening service will be used to obscure the final destination of a link
  • Any images used will be small and non-animated
  • Ads will appear once on the page, most likely at the top or side
  • Ads will take only a small amount of vertical space on the page

If you still would prefer to block the ads, you can do so by simply targeting the following CSS selector: